Make Shampoo & Conditioner

You need:
Essential Oil of Rosemary
Essential Oil of Lavender
3 cups of soap flakes
1 empty bottle

Mix the soap flakes with the water and then add 4 drops of each oil.

You need:

1 egg yolk
1 tsp. of baby oil 1 empty bottle


Mix all of the ingredients together.

You can make these for spa parties, sleepovers, or whenever.  They’re inexpensive and most of the ingredients are already at your house.  Plus, they’re really easy to make!

Here is a recipe for a sugar scrub that will unclog your pores!


You’ll need:

·        ¼ cup brown sugar

·        3 tbsp. milk

·        warm water



1.     Mix the brown sugar and milk until they form a paste.

2.     Rub the mixture gently on you face for one minute.

3.     Rinse well with warm water.


This next recipe not only smells good, but its great for removing buildup in your hair & making it shine. 


You’ll need:

·        2 cups warm water

·        peel of an orange (finely chopped)

·        1 tsp. olive oil

·        1 tbsp. apple-cider vinegar

·        ½ ripe avocado (peeled and mashed)

·        Shampoo

·        Conditioner



1.     Boil the water with the orange peel.

2.     Then, remove it from the heat: cool for thirty minutes.

3.     Blend the liquid in a blender on low for one minute until it forms a sauce.

4.     Next, add olive oil and apple-cider vinegar.

5.     Add the avocado.

6.     Blend it for two minutes or until its completely smooth.

7.     Apply to damp hair; leave on for twenty minutes.

8.     Rinse, shampoo, and condition.


If you want your hair to have more volume, then this next recipe is for you!  It will give your locks an extra lift while locking in moisture.


You’ll need:

·        1 plain gelatin pack

·        ½ cup warm water

·        2 tbsp. molasses

·        2 tbsp. milk

·        Shampoo

·        Conditioner



1.     Dissolve the gelatin in the warm water.

2.     Add the molasses and milk; stir until blended.

3.     Apply the mixture all over damp hair and leave on for thirty minutes.

4.     Rinse well, shampoo, and condition.

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