Try PlantLove Botanical Lipstick by Cargo.  Its made out of corn and celebrities worked with the company to pick the shades.  You can also save the carton and grow a plant!  This product was featured on the Rachael Ray show and many others.  For more information visit

The Brelli Biodegradable Umbrella

On Rachael Ray's show, they talked about this eco-friendly and stylish umbrella. It will fully biodegrade in landfills in only one to two years.

Dr. Scholl's  Renew Exercise Sandal

Rachael Ray and Lara Spencer (from the Insider) talk about these eco-friendly sandals. For every purchased, Dr. Scholl's will plant 10 trees in a deforested area of the Brazilian rainforest!


Levi makes eco-friendly skinny jeans!  These will go great with Strong Truths eco-friendly t-shirts.  These jeans come in 3 different shades, which are cloud (light blue), black sheen (black), and clean air (dark blue).  They're made with recycled cotton and spandex.

How To Style Your Hair.

To achieve straight hair, you have to brush your hair while it's wet.  If you want wavy hair, all you have to do is braid your hair!  Try to avoid hairspray, gel, and heating products.  They smell and can add up on your electricity bill. 

Right: Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser

Dial Soap Eco-Smart ™ Refill

Its eco-friendly, gets rid of bacteria, and doesn't make your hands dry!  Plus, it has an easy pour spout and it comes in four different types, which include Gold, Pomegranate & Tangerine, White Tea & Vitamin E, and Aloe.


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